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OIGO-Cultural Reconstruction

African culture is being heralded into a new dawn of transformation through His Imperial Majesty (HIM) goodwill messages to crème de la crème museums and archives across the globe. Creating consciousness through courtesy visits, exhibitions, discourses and new scientific theoretical frameworks to bridge age-long disparity in the recognition, distribution and accessibility of cumulative historical and cultural resources of Africa that are being held in prestigious museums and archives such as Museum of Natural History in New York, British Museum in London, the Phonogramm-Archiv in Berlin are part of unalloyed commitment of His Imperial Majesty (HIM) under global outreach. As embodied knowledge, Africa cultural materials such as artifacts, antiquities, and many objet d’art are fundamental of the continent identities. They are very cardinal in representation and institutionalization of world civilization, global modernity, and enjoy huge influences in the process of multiculturalism. Therefore, according to His Imperial Majesty (HIM) Ọọ̀ni of Ifẹ̀, “crest of meaning and interpretation of iconic cultural materials of Africa that are stored across the world museums and archives have to be intellectually guided and shaped by Africa long-established knowledge authority and its dividend must be mutually beneficiary”.